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Tradition works journey

Who doesn't like colorful, beautiful pieces of work of art?

Every country has its own art forms and artisans.


Our parents are from India and we are first generation Indian American. We had an opportunity to visit India and while traveling to native places and seeing the plight of those artisans and dying art, I decided to bring it in front of people who can pay the price based on the values it provides.


In our journey, we met some dress and jewelry designers, who could use those amazing works of art, the motifs, the embroidery in their work to create dresses, sarees, scarves, paintings etc. into exclusive designer dresses, clutches and jewelry.


The art forms of Chikankari, Katha, Baluchery, Madhubani, embroidery which was so beautiful, we decided to bring it on.


After talking to some of them and hearing about the meager sum they were making in the form of wages, passion and desire to do something good , gave birth to


At present, Shikha Dutt the founder of the organization TraditionWorks, along with Isha Madan are helping these Chikankari, Katha, Baluchery artisans become the masters of their designs and destiny while establishing a firm position in the world fashion.


Today, it’s a lot more than mere art; it has global appeal. Unfortunately, none of this has had a positive impact on those who have toiled day and night to make this art famous all over the world.


Govt. of India and many organizations are working towards uplifting the artisans and art forms. These two women decided to do their part.


Their part time effort has brought great results and had brought smile and happiness, clean water, better school and work environment, health and other amenities to many many houses.

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